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Maybe I can give a little help

Hey there!

I am actually not from the UK but from Germany, but I thought, I could still join.

I visit the M'era Luna every year and just wanted to offer my help in any possible way (as long as I find one) if you have any questions or want some insider information.

Hope I am allowed to be here, not coming from the UK, and can be of any assistance.

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Hi Caliena!

Welcome to the community, I am sure you are allowed here :)

I really enjoy coming to M'era Luna and have been every year since I started going in 2003 with the exception of 2007, I missed that one. Sadly we don't have any camping goth festivals here in the UK!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to M'era Luna again this year.
Hey, thanks for the nice welcome!

I am looking forward to it, too!
I go there since 2006, always in a big group and it's much fun every time!

If you don't have any camping festivals, do you have at least some normal goth festival in the UK?
Sorry for the late reply! Yes we go have a few goth festivals in the UK but nothing on the same scale as M'era Luna or Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. There is a group of us that travel by coach every year to M'era Luna, I think there will be 2 coaches this year! Just over 4 months to go. :)
Sounds great!
Hope you'll have a safe journey and it will pay off!
Hi! As you are from Germany, maybe you could give some advice about hitch-hiking to Mera Luna from Bremen?:)

I can give you the name of the M'era Luna Forum:

There you can go to the Forum and ask for a ride from Bremen to Hildesheim and back :)
Should be no problem, if you ask in english, I think.
And if you find no one I can look up the trains for you, if you want :)
I was there, but wasn't sure if it's ok to write there in English:) I'm primary concentrating on "thumb-up" hitch-hiking, but maybe finding someone to go from festival is a good idea, as I won't have a tent or sleepig bag. thanks anyways ;)
If you want, I can ask for you in the forum :)
I know there are a lot of people from Bremen.

Do you only need a transportation method or also people you can sleep with?
There is a forum-campign every year...
Mm, I'll do it, thanks:) I plan to go only for the second day, because again I don't want to parasitize on people as I don't have a place to sleep in. So I need only a ride.
Okay, then ^^
Tell me how it goes and if I can help you with anything else^^
hehe, thnkas:) one more thing: should I order ticket in advance or they are sold also on entrance? I asked already on the official homepage, but no reply yet...
I would recommend buying it before.
Sometimes they don't have day tickets anymore or you have to wait for a loooooooong time.
So I would reccomend preorder :)
Do I get the Mera Luna tickets in the mail, because I'm in New York and I was wondering how long it was going to take. I ordered them a month ago. Can i print them out? Help, please.
In New York?
Holy Cow Oo
Okay, I'll ask someone and give you an answer ASAP!
I got an emailaddress where you can ask for more information:

If you write them, I am sure they can help you ^^